Why “Basement Biden” is the Best Move For His Campaign

How cowering in his basement could ultimately win Biden the Oval Office.

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The 2020 Election is front and center in Americans’ minds as of late. Many already know who they are voting for. However, there are many key swing-voters in the US. They are the people that will decide who is sitting in the Oval Office on January 21st, 2020.

As many Americans know, Presidential candidate Joe Biden has hardly been seen in public lately. It is almost as though he has disappeared completely. However, this latest strategy from the Biden team could be a game-changer come November 3rd, 2020.

Whether you are on the right or the left, we can all agree that Joe Biden’s gaffes are bad. From his comment that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” to “My name is Joe Biden and I am a candidate for the US Senate”, his comments are pretty hard to read and watch these days. When he talks it is like a trainwreck — you want to look away so hard, but you just can’t.

In June, one of Biden’s closest advisors said on a Zoom call, that the Democrats prefer Joe Biden in his basement bunker. This is due to the fact that since Biden started to run his campaign from his basement, Biden has climbed his way into a very comfortable lead in the polls. But how exactly did that happen?

It simply happened because Biden has not had the opportunity to have a gaffe in public. In almost 90 days, Biden has never once held a formal press conference. Think about that for a minute. Ninety days is approximately three months. No US Presidential candidate in modern-day history has ever not done a formal press conference or taken any questions from the media for three whole months.

However, on June 30th, the Trump team drove “basement Biden” out of his basement and right into his first press conference in about 90 days. The mainstream media called the press conference a huge success and praised Biden for his performance. But, I think otherwise.

Throughout the entire press conference, Biden seemed to look continuously at his teleprompters, even for answers to media questions. It seemed as though, Biden has gotten the questions in advance and was reading directly from the prompters.

During the press conference, his confusion was on full display. It seemed as though Biden was hanging by a thread the entire time.

As the media threw soft-ball questions at him, Biden gave some very odd answers. On an answer about Russia, Biden said this, “I can but I will not, but I will tell him.” What does this even mean?!

No one challenged him. No one said anything about the fact that he “constantly takes cognitive tests”. The press conference was just one example of why Biden is better off in his basement.

After Biden’s debacle of a press conference, he appears to have returned to his safe haven. It is unknown how long he will remain there before facing some lousy, soft-ball questions from reporters again. There is one thing that is for sure…he appears to be looked upon more positively from his “basement bunker”, which will be in the Democrat Party’s best interest.

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