Trump’s Change of Heart

How Trump’s new campaign manager could be one of the most influential people to President Trump.

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It’s no surprise. President Trump’s poll numbers are not looking too good. The early polls show him losing by almost 15 points to the presumptive Democrat nominee, Joe Biden. The polls even show Trump barely winning by one point in Texas of all places. Texas has not gone blue in almost 40 years.

Without a doubt, the Trump 2020 re-election campaign is in a crisis.

From the disturbing poll numbers to the awful crowd in Tulsa, things were not going well for the President’s campaign.

But, on July 15th, Trump decided to shake things up.

After trailing in almost every poll and being only four months out from the most important election in recent history, President Trump replaced his campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

In his place, a new unusual face will step in — Bill Stepien.

Although many, including me, do not know Trump’s new campaign manager at all, he could already be influencing none other than the Commander-in-Cheif, himself.

The daily coronavirus task force briefings were a hit for Trump. Over 150,000 Americans tuned into them each and every night. They were a huge hit for the President. At the time of the briefings, Trump was only trailing Biden by about 2–5 points. Things were looking up for the campaign. Biden was in his basement and Trump was in front of the nation every single night.

But then, everything came crashing down.

Trump stopped doing the briefings. Racial tensions grew. Americans started to become more critical of the President. To be honest, things started spiraling for the campaign. It seemed like everything that Trump did was met with harsh scrutiny.

Due to these “faceplants” that the Trump team was facing, President Trump himself made the executive decision that there needed to be some kind of change in his campaign. That change came on the 15th.

Stepien has only been on the job for less than 15 days. Think about that. Less than 15 days. But, Stepien has made so much impact on Trump already.

In those 15 days, the Trump campaign and President Trump, himself, have made so many important changes.

For the first time during this pandemic, Trump has come out in support of masks. The public has even started to see him where his mask more frequently.

Trump has also started to resume the daily task force briefings. In these briefings, Trump often stands alone at the podium. Many speculate that this is to make him look like a true leader.

The President has also canceled many major events due to the pandemic. He has canceled events from the major GOP convention to his rally and even throwing out the first pitch at the Yankee game on August 15th.

This almost seems out of character for him. Just a month before, Trump continued with his Tulsa rally and many more trips to other states. He also rarely wore a mask. So what changed?

The only thing that changed was his campaign and its strategy. With Trump’s poll numbers slowly climbing, it is very unlikely that we will see the President go back to his old ways.

But one thing is for sure, Trump’s new campaign manager could very well be one of the most influential people near the most important man in the entire world.

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