The Truth About the Horrific Murder of George Floyd

How a murder involving a bad cop and an innocent man sent the United States into months of racial strife.

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The year 2020 has been filled with little triumphs and many failures. From the deadly coronavirus to the disputed presidential election, the United States reached a breaking point this year.

To add to the already chaotic and disturbing year, the entire nation was sent into deadly protests and riots following the murder of a man named George Floyd.

In the past year, Floyd has become a household name for all of the wrong reasons. Although his murder drew nationwide attention and lead to riots and protests across the nation, not many people know much about Floyd or his gruesome murder.

This is the murder of George Floyd.

The $20 Bill

On May 25 of this year, George Floyd, who was working in Minneapolis, Minnesota, went to a local store to purchase some items for himself. His favorite thing to buy was beef jerky.

After about ten minutes in the cramped store, Floyd attempted to pay for his good which included jerky and chapstick. However, this was one major problem. The only money that Floyd had appeared to be counterfeit in nature.

However, Floyd believed that this bill should be completely accepted by the cashier at the store. After a few minutes, the cashier remained firm and said that Floyd could not take the items until he paid for them with authentic currency.

When Floyd attempted to run out the door with the goods, a local employee stopped him and called the police.

Kneeling on the Neck

When the Minneapolis police finally arrived at the cramped store, tensions were high all around.

Due to the fact that it is a crime to pay with counterfeit currency in the state of Minnesota, Floyd had to be put in handcuffs.

However, Floyd decided that he was not going down without a fight. He believed that he was innocent in the situation and did not deserve to be arrested. However, the police officers at the scene had different opinions.

When lead police officer, Derek Chauvin, attempted to handcuff the impatient man, Floyd resisted heavily.

In a matter of moments, Floyd was screaming the infamous “I can’t breathe” phrase. While officers were still attempting to keep the angry Floyd under control, he was dominating the fight.

In the next few minutes, which would ultimately change history forever, lead officer Chauvin made the decision to place his knee on Floyd’s neck until backup could arrive.

Police training and protocol firmly states that in no way shape or form, police officers of any kind cannot place any pressure on the neck of anyone. Despite the rule, Chauvin carried through. Throughout the entire time, Floyd uttered the phrase that would live in Americans' hearts for years to come.

When the ambulance finally arrived on the scene and backup had responded, it was all too late.

George Floyd, an innocent man, was murdered over a fake $20 bill.

In the aftermath of the horrific murder of the innocent Floyd, the entire nation was sent into months of racial strife, division, and chaos.

The Floyd murder shined a light on why police reform is so important to keep our communities, citizens, and police officers safe from harm of any way, shape, or form.

In addition, President Trump signed into law his own police reform bill that ended the use of the chokehold and gave relief to police academies for more extensive training.

Although some good has come from the situation, an innocent man was murdered for no reason whatsoever.

George Floyd was just 47 years old.

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