How a ‘Worst Cooks in America’ Winner Killed Her Foster Daughter

The murder of three-year-old, Victoria Rose Smith.

Ariel Robinson via Instagram;

Twenty-nine-year-old, Ariel Robinson, felt as though she was on top of the world. The aspiring comedian had just won the extremely popular Food Network show Worst Cooks in America season 20. The prize was $25,000 and fame and glory.

Despite coming off of her amazing win, Ariel and her husband, Jerry, are accused by the police of something more alarming than her cooking skills — murdering her own foster daughter in cold-blood.

This is the story of third-year-old Victoria Rose Smith.

The 911 Call

In January 2021, the Simpsonville, South Carolina police received a shocking call. Ariel said that she had found her foster daughter unresponsive in her home. She claimed that she had performed CPR, but the child was still not breathing.

The young child was rushed swiftly to the local hospital. Despite receiving CPR from paramedics in the ambulance, Victoria was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The Medical Examiner

Although at first, this specific case did not seem like a homicide, the police decided that it was the right thing to send the body for further examination.

When the police received the results back from the medical examiner, they were completely shocked. They learned that Victoria did not pass away from a medical issue, but rather blunt force trauma to the head area.

Immediately, the police knew that this was a homicide. At that moment, Ariel and Jerry Robinson became the prime suspects.

The Bruises

To the South Carolina community that they were apart of, the Robinson’s seemed like the perfect family. The couple had five children — two of their own and three foster children.

To the people that surrounded them, they were all happy to enjoy life together. However, in their investigation, the detectives uncovered a more sinister scene.

It appeared that photographs, coming from Ariel’s Instagram account, show Victoria recovering from heavy bruising. A recent petition has been started alleging the abuse on Ariel’s part.

“Photos posted on social media appear to show the children always recovering from bruises on their head, neck, and arms,” the petition alleged, adding that most of them seemed to be on Victoria. “We are calling upon the State of South Carolina to pass the bill to be name[d]\ Victoria’s Law, which will call for reform of the current screening process to become not only an adoptive parent but as a foster parent as well.”

On January 19th, just four days after the murder, Ariel and Jerry Robinson were charged with murder in the first degree as well as child abuse in the first degree. The couple both denied murdering Victoria despite mounting evidence against that claim.

Victoria Smith was laid to rest by her birth family as well as her four brothers.

Currently, Ariel and Jerry are being held in prison without bail. They are awaiting trial.

Episodes of the season of Worst Cooks in America starring Ariel have been removed from all streaming platforms.

In the end, an innocent child was brutally murdered by her adoptive mother for no apparent reason.

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