How a story that my grandfather once told me still resonates with me today.

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How the Queen’s love story can tell us…

How anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments in the country of Jamaica led to the murder of a young teenager.

“The place in which Jones was brutally murdered in cold blood” Photo credits to David McFadden / AP

Dwayne Jones

How the brutal death of a young woman sparked nationwide outrage over the issue of police brutality.

Photo credits to Vox News and the Taylor family

Who Was Breonna Taylor?

How the brutal 2021 murder of a thirty-three-year-old UK woman sent the entire country of England into disarray.

Photo credit to ABC News

A former CIA agent says that it was the Kremlin using Lee Harvey Oswald as their pawn.

Photo credit to the United States National Archives

The 2021 Maine murders of Troy and Dulsie Varney.

Photo credits to the Varney family

The murder of three-year-old, Victoria Rose Smith.

Ariel Robinson via Instagram;

The 911 Call

Moving on simply is not easy.

Photo credit to the Colorado State Police

The Parking Lot

Carter Covington

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